Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just some food for thought. IF you found out you were going to die of like a brain thing or something and you definately had only 2 months to live what would you do? I personally would go out and find as much cock and cum as I possibly could worry free. I wouldn't have to worry about catching any std's or anything so why not swallow as much sperm as I possibly could. Just a random thought.

Spermy Kisses,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

update on self chastity and other things...

Well, I did'nt make it a whole week without cumming. But I did last 3 days and the load of sissy cream was huge and delicious. I ate alot of like apples and oranges so it would taste really sweet and it worked like a charm!

So anyways, I had another amazing fantasy. I love letting my imagination run wild. Well, I don't know why exactly but i was thinking of this friend of mine let me tell you about her. She's about 45 I've known her for about five yrs. now and we are good friends. Actually she's like my best friend, the only thing she doesnt know about me is my sissy faggotry and my change in taste of sexuall partners. (ie. women to MEN) Well anyway I guess I was testing to see if i could get hard and get off on the thought of sex with women. A futile exercise I suppose. It didn't work. But then my imagination started to run away with me and turned to her making me suck her boyfriend off and dressing me up in slutty clothes and makeup, and telling me that from now on I would be his cum reseptical and a fluffer for their sexcapades.

She didn't know about my sissy faggotry in the fantasy either, she just did it. She spoke phrases from sissy cock milkers blog like, "just relax, think of it this way you never have to worry about trying to get pussy again because YOU ARE the pussy!" and then of course laughing at me histeracly. and saying things like, "You are never ever going to have sex with a women again FAGGOT, isn't that exciting?" I came real hard at this. I wonder if I will ever be able to look her in the eye again.

Well, I've got panties to wash so t.t.f.n.

Spermy kisses,

Friday, April 2, 2010

My most erotic fantasy.

A coupple of weeks ago while I was taking a shower

I had an amazing masterbation experiance.

I was fantisizing about meeting a guy that would become my daddy,
he was from brazil and we would get together at his place 2-3 times a week at first, then as our relationship progressed it became every night I was at his house and sleeping in his bed.

I only left his place when i needed ciggaretts or nail polish or somthing, or to get new clothes or do laundry. I was dressing en-femm all the time now and he suggested one day that i move in with him and be his full time sissy faggot.

So i agreed and moved my sissy ass in with him. after about a coupple of months living as his sissy faggot girlfriend, he said we were going to go on vacation to brazil and introduce me to his family and friends. So I packed all my clothes and toys (giggle) and we headed to the airport. After arriving in brazil we took a taxi from the airport to his appartment he kept there. He after we got settled in he poured us a coupple of drinks and that was the last thing i remembered untill waking up in his bed.

The first thing I noticed was that I had a heavy weight on my chest and looking down I saw two huge c cup brests. I could'nt believe my eyes so I grabed them in my hands and thought "Oh my god the're real!" he came into the room and told me we were never going back to america and i was now his property.

He pimped me out, took pics and videos of me haveing sex with hundereds of sexy studs. He tattoed me with permenant makeup and lots of girly things like flowers, dragonflies, butterflys and of course a tramp stamp. Even though I was his property and he pimped me out and made me do porn he still treated me like his girlfriend.
and that would be the rest of my life.

I had a huge orgazm when I had this fantasy because I didn't really
think it out it, I just kinda let my imagination runaway with me. I
came so hard i could'nt stand, my legs became jelly and weak. so I just sat on the floor of my shower eating my sissy juice. It took me about 10 minutes to recover but I would'nt trade the experiance for anything.

Except maby the real thing? lol

Sunday, March 7, 2010

just a couple pics of me

My faveorite white thong...

My faveorite black thong.

Hope you like ;)

Spermy kisses,


I've been noticeing some changes in myself lately. Like when I look as pictures like this, I find myself pushing my chest out trying to make it appear as if I have a larger chest than the girl in this, and many other photos. Trying to make there MEN desire me over them.

I am also noticeing that pictures like this one don't turn me on anymore.Not that pictures like these gross me out or anything i just don't feel any sexual attration towards GG Pussy. In fact what I do feel is Jelousy that she can go find a real Man to stuff her full of his big manly cock anytime she feels like it. She is my competition.

The pictures that do turn me on, get me totally hot for cock are ones like this,
and like this,
and like this...
So apparently I have a "type"
now, big muscley MANLEY MEN! I guess there really is no going back, I am now and for ever onward a sissy, girly-wannab, FAGGOT.

Friday, March 5, 2010

from a comment i recently posted on sissycockmilkers blog

Hello liz i am new to this whole thing but have been dressing in girly clothes, shoes, and fucking myself with a rubber cock since i was 13 or 14. I am 25 now and at a turning point. I ran across your blog about 2 months ago and am addicted to it and am also addicted to thinking of real mens cocks fucking my faggot ass and mouth. I have only had 1 gf and am at a point where i am not sure if i will ever have sex with a woman again. all i think about nowadays is real mens cocks and getting fuck and getting breast implants and being as girly as i can be. Is there any hope for me to have sex with women again or am i at the point of no return? I'd like to be able to think of women as sexually atractive again but i only see them as competition, and i only get arroused by real mens cocks and muscley bodys. please someone tell me is there any hope that i will see women as sexually attractive ever again?